PES Project Profile

George H. Lindsay

Brooklyn, New York

Project Details

  • Project Client: NYC School Construction Authority
  • Project Cost: $172,000
  • Design Awarded: 12/2018
  • Design Completed: In Progress
  • Construction Completed: Not Started

  • Scope of Services

    IT Infrastructure
    • Floor Upgrade
    • Door Replacement
    • Lighting Upgrade
    • Occupancy Sensor Upgrade
    Fire Alarm Upgrade
    • New Broadcasting System
    • New Animation System

Multimedia Center Upgrade

Princeton Engineering Services (PES) has been selected to renovate room 227 at the George H. Lindsay School and transform it into a state- of-the-art Multimedia Center. Classroom 227 is located on the second floor and is approx. 600 sq. ft.

The goal is to create an area for animation, broadcasting, video production, journalism, and overall presentations. The school’s focus is emphasizing on college and career readiness.

The scope of work includes removing one existing Wireless Access Points and replacing them with two new Wireless Access Point capable of handling bandwidth for broadcasting. The scope will also include removing eight pendant mounted florescent lights and replace them with thirty-two track mounted LED studio lights from Lithonia Lighting model # MR16GU10 LED. The new light fixtures will be connected to the existing lighting circuit.

The scope will also include saving the two window AC units and keeping the existing ventilation system in continuous operation during normal occupancy of the premises. The dedicated 208v/1 receptacles and hardwired switches which serve the two existing AC units. The existing Speaker & Clock assembly on the east wall, in the front of the classroom will also remain.

IT Infrastructure, Lighting & Fire Protection Upgrades