PES Project Profile

John F. Hartranft
Elementary School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Details

  • Project Cost: $1.9 million
  • Design Awarded: February 2009
  • Design Completed: April 2009
  • Contract Award: July 2009
  • Construction Completed: March 2011

  • Scope of Services

    • Conversion of Steam Plant to Hot Water Heating Boilers
    • Underground Fuel-Oil Storage Tank
    • Automatic Temp Controls
    • New Air Handling Units and Rehabilitation of Existing
    Electrical Power and Lighting

    Key Services Provided

    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design
    • Construction Administration Services

Mechanical Plant Replacement

Princeton Engineering Services provided Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineering Design Services at Hartranft Elementary School for the School District of Philadelphia. The project consisted of replacing the existing two steam heating boilers and associated equipment for complete conversion to a hot water system. Three new 101BHP hot water heating boilers were provided, as well as hot water end-suction pumps, chemical and water treatment, fuel-oil storage tank and transfer pumps, sump pumps, gas and refrigerant detection system, and new Automatic Temperature Controls. Electrical Design was limited to providing power for all new equipment and new lighting for the Boiler Room, and adjacent Mechanical Rooms. The project also involved close coordination with gas, electric, telephone, and water companies to ensure proper sequencing of the work throughout construction.

MEP & Construction Administration Services