Plumbing & Fire Protection

Our team of diversely experienced plumbing and fire protection engineers participate in all phases of the projects including Pre-Design (Program, Scope and Budget definition / confirmation), Schematic Design, Design Development, Preparation of Construction Documents (drawings and specifications), Construction Monitoring and Administration, and Post-Construction (follow-up) Services.

Plumbing & Fire Protection

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the plumbing and fire protection systems with which our engineers are thoroughly familiar with:


• Domestic Water Systems
• Plumbing Fixtures Selection
• Sanitary Sewer
• Acid Waste Systems
• Storm Water
• Water Use Reduction
• Gas & Vacuum Systems

Fire Protection

• Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems
• Dry Pipe Systems
• Pre-Action Systems
• Single-Interlocked
• Double-Interlocked
• Non-Interlocked
• Deluge Sprinkler Systems
• Dry Chemical and Clean Agent Systems

All Our Services

PES is Experienced in Plumbing & Fire Protection projects