PES Project Profile

Public School No. 001

Brooklyn, New York

Project Details

  • Project Cost: $900,000
  • Project Awarded: February 2012
  • Design Completed: April 2012
  • Construction Completed: September 2013

  • Scope of Services

    • Auditorium Sound System
    • Power Distribution Upgrades

    Client Reference

    Mr. Vergiliu Vlad, P.E.
    Design Project Manager
    NYC School Construction Authority
    A&E Design Consultant Management
    Tel: 718-472-8702

Electrical Systems

Princeton Engineering Services, PC provided the design and construction administration services as the MEP Prime Consultant for the replacement of existing (obsolete) electrical system, which included new 2000A, 208/120V, 3-phase, 4-wire Main Distribution Switchboard.

The design included replacement of all existing panelboards throughout the school, and new power feeders and branch circuit wiring as well. Recessed panelboards were retrofitted with new internals and cover, in order to reuse the existing backboxes. Surface mounted panelboards were replaced entirely with new. As well as provision of two (2) new dedicated 20A, 120V branch circuits per classroom, each supporting four (4) duplex receptacles for information and/or instructional technology equipment (i.e. computer workstations, laptop computers, interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors). Therefore, the design involved removal and replacement of all feeders to include supplementary equipment grounding conductors.

Electrical Systems