PES Project Profile

William McKinley Elementary School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Details

  • Project Cost: $2.5 million
  • Design Awarded: September 2015
  • Design Completed: October 2016
  • Project Completed: Ongoing

  • Scope of Services

    HVAC Systems & Controls

    Client Reference

    Mr. Jerry Thompson
    School District of Philadelphia
    440 N. Broad St., 3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA
    Tel: 215-400-5191


Mechanical Upgrades

PES scope of Work consisted of demolition work of necessary abatement and subsequent removal of Chillers, Housekeeping Pad, Boiler and Associated Components, Air Handlers, Classroom Unit Ventilators, Condenser Water Pumps, Chilled Water Piping, Insulation, Controls Sump Pumps and Reheat Coil Controls. PES was asked to supply New Chillers, Boilers, Water Treatment System, House Keeping Pads, Insulated Piping, Controls, Sump Pumps and Outdoor Loop Pumps. As a whole the school received a new HVAC system.

HVAC Systems & Controls - Mechanical Upgrades